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...in between stories
and situations...

performance // dramaturgy // research

How can a story become a feeling instead of a plot? And when this is happening, what kind of situations do we have to provoke for providing such an experience?
My work oscillates between those two realms. 

I combine installation art with choreographic reflections. Gestures and physical materials interact and transmit relations between objects and subject. Every work is based on a subtle process of research. I like to meet people, to interview them and to gain knowledge that I can transform into my own way of artistic reflection.

Here I consider myself a professional brainstormer, creative adviser and writer.
My task is to provide feedback that is respectful, distinguishing between personal taste and formal aspects and encouraging. During the process of conceptualizing I think out of the (black) box
and develop concepts that reach beyond classical theater works.

My interest as an artistic researcher covers various aspects related to the concept of performativity. In addition to the more ’traditional’ fields such as gender or postcolonial studies  ('cultural mimicry'), I seek for an understanding of the phenomenon peace as a (liminal) collective act that constantly is to be performed rather than being a state or a fact.  

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